Wild Duck Roast


Wild Roast Duck  
We are spoiled here where I shoot as the puddle ducks feed almost always on corn and they are delicious. Ducks are only as good as what they eat.  
Use a charcoal or gas grill and preheat. Gas grill 5-600 degrees is good, charcoal grill get a nice bed of red embers. You can cook in a 550 degree oven also, leave the fan on they get Smokey.  
A plucked duck that still has the skin gives the best flavor here.  
Put ducks in an aluminum disposable roasting pan 2 hours on kitchen counter before stuffing.  
Salt inside cavity with kosher or sea salt. Put a piece of apple, onion and a couple stalks of celery inside duck. Take butter at room temperature and rub all over duck breast and around legs, then rub Kitchen Bouquet or Gravy master all over buttered duck. This will make a glaze to help brown the skin of the duck. Then take half cup of red wine or orange juice and pour inside cavity. Grind pepper and salt on duck for flavor.  
Cook for 22 minutes, take duck off heat and slice length wise half way down breast. Meat should be pink, not gray. The skin should be crispy and brown, if you want to brown them try out of the pan on the grill till brown, maybe 1 minute or two. Do not overcook. I love wild rice, sliced duck and a green vegetable, spinach or beans. Enjoy!

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